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Vehicle Graphics Offer Unrivaled Brand Recognition Opportunities

Vehicle graphics are one of the most effective methods of advertising. Whether mobile or stationary, your business vehicles are seen by drivers, passengers, and foot traffic, leading to massive realtime exposure for your brand that most other advertising media cannot parallel. Not only can it be extremely effective, it is also highly cost-effective. The combination of massive exposure with high cost-effectiveness is what makes vehicle graphics an increasingly popular tool in the marketing box.

Here’s a deeper dive into the benefits your business can gain by utilizing vehicle graphics as part of your advertising strategy:

Vehicle Graphics are the Most Cost-Effective Way to Get Your Brand Seen

In terms of outdoor advertising, there simply is no more cost-effective way to get your brand seen by as wide an audience as vehicle graphics can offer. You pay to have the vehicle graphics applied to your vehicles once, and reap the benefits for several years. What this means is over time, your cost per impression improves as time goes by, with your vehicle on the road or even parked. More eyes on your vehicle means more brand exposure, awareness, and recall. With the right strategy, when someone thinks of a product or service your business provides, your brand can be the one that comes first to mind amongst people who have seen your vehicle in town.

Due to our seasonal climate and penchant for driving, most people living in the Greater Toronto Area and outskirts travel by car. What this means is that the majority of people will encounter vehicle ads as they go about their day.

Vehicle Ads Are Hard for Consumers to Avoid

RC Stone Interlock Landscaping Vehicle Advertising

Other forms of advertising like TV ads can be avoided by changing the channel or tuning out. Even digital ads can be blocked with ad blockers, and online consumers are increasingly doing so. But vehicle ads are right there in front of your eyes while driving, parking, sitting on the bus, or walking down the street. There’s no channel to change, no ad blocker, and none of the annoyances that come with other advertising media. Vehicle graphics have a sticking power to them for this reason. It’s direct, it’s non-intrusive, yet it’s hard to avoid.

And what about all those people commuting or on their way to the shopping mall? If they’re on the road, they’re not watching TV. If they’re driving, they’re (hopefully) not consuming ads on their phones. And then there’s the entire base of consumers who don’t watch TV at all who get to see your brand on display on your vehicles.

Vehicle Graphics Are Like Moving Billboards Without the High Advertising Cost

B. Wills Disposal Service vehicle graphics by 6ix Signs

Billboard ads are an excellent form of advertising as they are strategically placed where they will get a lot of attention from road travelers, and even public transit commuters. They do have a major downside though, which is they are static. As you drive past a billboard, you’re likely to miss some key information like a business phone number or location. Add to that, a billboard will only be seen by those who travel down that route.

Vehicle graphics, on the other hand, travel wherever your vehicle travels, and is therefore seen by whoever notices it on that route. You could potentially drive your vehicle around town all day and get more eyes on your vehicle ad than you would from a static billboard.

And unlike billboards, you’re not renting your vehicle ads. You pay for them one-time when you make and install them, and they’re yours to keep for as long as you own and operate the vehicle. You don’t need to worry about where to advertise, when to advertise, and how much to budget each month. Do you know how good it feels when you advertise your business on wheels?

Vehicle Graphics Help Your Community

Markham Property Management Vehicle Graphics by 6ix Signs

Most people prefer to buy products or services from businesses nearby, and vehicle graphics help them do just that. People living in your neighbourhood will see your vehicle graphics on display most, meaning your business comes to mind when they need what you have to offer. Vehicle graphics are one of the most powerful and cost-effective effective ways to build your brand locally.

Let 6ix Signs Be Your Vehicle Graphics Partner

We are a longtime commercial signs and digital printing provider serving the Greater Toronto Area, and vehicle graphics is one of most popular services. Talk to us about giving your business vehicles new life with vehicle graphics that help you gain more brand exposure professionally. Our team is well-known for delivering professional vehicle graphics services at an affordable rate.

Tyler Park of 6ix Signs Toronto assembling advertising for our own vehicles.

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