Channel Letters Sign Installed For Trans Ontario Express By 6ix Signs Toronto

Scarborough, Ontario

Project Snapshot

BusinessTrans Ontario Express
Location2215 Markham Rd, Scarborough, ON M1B 2W3, Canada
ReasonTrans Ontario Express moved to a new location and needed new channel letter signs for the building.

Before The Installation of The New Sign

Trans Ontario Express is a freight shipping company that ships to major cities in Canada and throughout the United States. In 2020, the company was moving to a new headquarters building in Scarborough, Ontario, and commissioned 6ix Signs to create a unique channel letter sign that would stand out against their new facility and make it easy for people driving along Markham Road to see the building.  

Along with creating a channel letter sign that would stand out, the team at 6ix Signs needed to retain the Trans Ontario Express branding and ensure that everything remained consistent. We were able to work with the liaison at Trans Ontario Express to understand what they needed from a sign, where they wanted the sign to be, and other details necessary for the design and installation process.

Once all of this information was collected and confirmed, the 6ix Signs fabrication team was able to create a high-quality channel letter sign exactly matching Trans Ontario’s specifications. 

During The Installation Process

6ix Signs team installing channel letter storefront sign for Trans Ontario Express.
The 6ix Signs team installing the channel letters sign for Trans Ontario Express

Before installation, the proper permits and authorization needed to be acquired. After this was completed, the 6ix Signs team organized all necessary materials and equipment required to safely and properly install the channel letters sign.

6ix Signs team using Genie equipment to install channel letter storefront sign for Trans Ontario Express.
We use professional equipment with the highest safety standards to ensure the sign is professionally and safely installed.

One of the primary benefits that 6ix Signs brings to the table is a high degree of professionalism and a focus on safe installation. The team has been in business for decades and understands the ins and outs of installing channel letter signs and other types of signs. As with other projects we’ve completed, this experience and professionalism ensured the Trans Ontario Express channel letter sign installation went smoothly and was completed without delay.

After The Installation Process

Night view of illuminated channel letter storefront sign for Trans Ontario Express by 6ix Signs
The Trans Ontario Express channel letter sign is illuminated for clear visibility during evening and night hours.

After the successful installation, the Trans Ontario Express Channel letters sign looked great and could easily fulfill the intended purpose. The sign is visible from Markham road, as shown in the Google Maps image below, but it is visible at all times of the day and night.

Trans Ontario Express channel letter sign is highly visible even from a distance
High visibility is one of the most important considerations when designing and installing storefront signage.

This extra visibility from the illuminated sign during the evening and nighttime hours makes it easier for drivers to see and serves as additional advertising for people driving on the busy road.

Because Trans Ontario Express worked with 6ix Signs for the channel letter sign design and installation, they can be assured that the sign will withstand the elements and enjoy ongoing service if any issues arise. Our partnership with Trans Ontario Express means we create other signs for them, like Vehicle Graphics. You can see our work with their vehicle graphics here.

Trans Ontario Express channel letter storefront sign is clearly visible from various angles
Channel letter signs are great for accentuating your brand logo and name so from various different angles.

Bold and Attractive Channel Letter Signs Expertly Installed By 6ix Signs

New channel letter sign install for Trans Ontario Express by 6ix Signs.

The team at 6ix Signs is responsible for hundreds of successful sign installations over the years for businesses of all sizes and types. In Toronto especially, the sometimes severe weather can negatively affect outdoor signs such as channel letter signs. Therefore, it’s essential to work with a company like 6ix Signs that will work with you throughout the entire design and installation process to ensure it’s done right and ensure you get the most from your investment.

Work with a company that knows the ins and outs of creating and installing signs in the Greater Toronto Area. The team at 6ix Signs will help you to understand everything from optimal sign placement to which type of sign is right for you and help conduct ongoing maintenance to ensure your sign stays looking good throughout the years.

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